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Campus Ministry

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The Campus Ministry of Grand Island Central Catholic focuses on developing and supporting the faith life of our students, faculty, and staff. The Campus Ministry prepares students to become more involved with their faith, their parishes, and to minister to the needs of each other.

Community is at the heart of Christian education not simply as a concept to be taught but as a reality to be lived. U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Service Hours

Grand Island Central Catholic recognizes that a Catholic education has a basis in the teaching and actions of Jesus Christ, and therefore requires students to complete service hours. For more information on this requirement, view our service hours document and Students Serving Others page.

Our Mission

GICC's Campus Ministry strives to:Winners

  • Develop the spiritual and moral aspects of our students' characters
  • Contribute to the building of a school community rooted in Gospel values
  • Transform our society by acting for justice with and for others
  • Actively participate in the sacraments of the Catholic Church
  • Develop a personal relationship with Christ

We celebrate Mass weekly throughout the year and explore our Catholic faith within theology classes. Students of all faiths are welcome and have the opportunity to join together in these experiences.


Meet our Campus Minister

Greetings from your Grand Island Central Catholic Campus Youth Minister! 

Having been in the roles of daughter, parent, volunteer, and teacher of this school, I feel like GICC is home to me. I aim to help our students build their faith and be able to apply it to their everyday life experiences. The religion department does this through class instruction, religious discussion, music, mass, service, prayer, and just being an example. We have a great thing going here at Central Catholic, and we will continue to spread the good word of Christ our Savior. 

God Bless,

Dee Hanssen