Grand Island Catholic School

Random Drug Testing

In order to promote the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental potential as instruments of service to others, Grand Island Central Catholic Schools (GICC) has established a policy to help provide a drug-free educational environment for students. GICC strives to be a community where our students are empowered to make responsible choices to avoid alcohol and drugs. Our goal is a drug- and alcohol-free student body. To this end, all students at GICC are subject to mandatory random drug and alcohol testing.

On occasion, adolescents do not make sound decisions because they allow situational factors to impede their decision-making process. Given this reality in the lives of the adolescents in our care, we have employed a two-part policy concerning the use of drugs and alcohol by our students. The first component fosters a community of drug- and alcohol-free students who are well on their way to understanding how to make appropriate decisions concerning the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. The second component is designed to intervene in the life of a student who chooses to bring drugs or alcohol onto campus, or chooses to be in possession or under the influence of drugs or alcohol off campus.

This newly adopted Random Drug Testing Policy (RDTP) and the program that supports it are designed not for punitive measures, but to eliminate the potential threat to the student's health and safety that can occur if students are using or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We want the testing program to deter drug and alcohol use and help students live drug-free lives. The RDTP will be under the direction of Western Pathology Consultants Inc. (WPCI), and will require parental consent.

Alcohol Drug Tobacco Rule and Random Drug Test Policy