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Healthy minds and bodies require good fuel for thought and action. We all know that eating healthy, balanced meals is the best way to keep our minds focused and strengthen our bodies. We hope you will be mindful of making healthy food choices; after all, we are what we eat!

Lunch Information

Central Catholic students may bring their lunches to school or utilize our daily lunch service. Meals may be heated in microwaves made available to our students.

Please note:

  • The salad bar will be available every day. Soup is included in the charge. All students and staff can purchase a single serving of soup separately.
  • Different types of pasta salad, apples, and bananas will also be available for purchase.
  • All meals include a dessert and one serving of milk or ice tea.
  • Powerade and juices are sold separately.
  • Students bringing their own lunch are welcome to purchase apples, bananas, and drinks.
  • Cookies and other desserts will be offered only with the purchase of a meal. Students cannot go through the line and buy sweets only.

Students are required to help clean up the tables at the end of their lunch period so that the next group in can have a clean table too. If a student needs to leave the cafeteria for any reason, they must check out with the lunch room monitor and take a “pass” with them.

Lunch Policy

We do not allow students to check out during the lunch hour (period 5) for an off-campus lunch. We do permit students to leave during lunch if a parent picks up and checks them out provided the student returns to school with a note from the doctor/provider. Senior students enrolled in the open campus program may leave campus.

If you would like to add money to your child's lunch account, feel free to write a check or put money in an envelope with his/her name on it, and drop it off in the school office.

To look up your child's lunch balance/account, please sign use the Power School program. The menu is on the monthly tab.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Norma at (308) 384.2440.

Meet Our Staff

Norma Peters

Norma Peters
Lunch Program Coordinator